Symptoms of Drug Abuse

You can find numerous articles regarding the disadvantages of drug addiction and various rehabilitation centers which are working hard to save precious lives of individual. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to keep ourselves and our loved ones away from this dreadful addiction and if in case we find any of our acquaintance indulged in this habit, we should take immediate action to stop it. There are certain warning signals which indicate that something is wrong and that is the point when you should start working to control the situation.

Change in behavior of abuser

The first impact of drug abuse comes on the behavior of drug abuser. It is noticed that a person diverts his attention from work and progress goes down drastically. A person is unable to fulfill his duties on time and neglect his family and friends. For example it is observed that an individual does not take interest in going to school meetings or functions of their children as their mind is in some other world.
Family life is affected once an individual has started addiction. He does not like to spend time with his family or friends and do not take interest in doing regular chores. Arguments increase in household and the abuser enjoys sitting alone without any interference by loved ones.
In case of teenagers, there is an obvious downfall in the grades and physical exercise is also avoided. Children are seen to ask for money without any clear justification and they indulge in fights with siblings or friends more often.
If any of these symptoms are visible, action should be taken immediately as after behavior effect, the abuser start facing physical problems.

Physical effects of drug abuse

Drug intake has various negative effects on the physical appearance and health of abuser. Drug attacks every part of body and its addiction make a person worthless. Physical symptoms of drug abuse include cough and sniffing without any other symptoms of flu. Person starts losing weight and can notice trembling of hands or legs. Sleeping disorders is mandatory and complexion also changes with time.
If an abuser will be indulged in more than one drug abuse, eyes will give the signal. Eyes would turn red or watery and facial expressions will also become scary.
Different types of drug have different effect on user which can also help you identify which drug the abuser is consuming. In case if the abuser is taking heroine, you can observe needle marks on veins in various part of body. Heroine abusers wear full sleeves shirt in all seasons and there sleeping order is disturbed badly.
Marijuana user become argumentative and their eyes are red all the time. You can see them giggling even when they are alone and marijuana abusers change their friends very quickly.
Stimulant causes their abusers suffer from mood swings, loss of appetite and cough or sweating.
All drugs have different effects on abuser and if you notice any symptom, take action immediately by trying to stop the abuser from such mistake. If you cannot control situation, take help of rehabilitation center as life is precious and you should not let anyone make a mistake of misusing it.

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